Sunday, 18 July 2010

la famiglia

So this evening I finally got a chance to look over some of the footage I shot at my dads birthday. I put a little video together for it, just a nice little video with my family in. I've always known how important family are, It's obvious, but It's not until the last month or two I've thought about it a whole lot more. I film so much and just whack it in a folder on my computer. I'm not necessarily going to make a video out of it, but I want to be able to look back on it. That's not just my family either, that's my friends too. When I'm old, I want to look back at what and who was current in my life at this moment.

So I was filming my uncle, granddad, dad and nonna, well, just my whole family really. But I didn't really tell them I was filming. I feel that you get the best footage when people are natural. I love just capturing conversations and emotions like that. If you tell people you're filming, then they try to be funny and it just doesn't work.

My granddad is 81 now and is still a fit as a fiddle (I don't really understand that saying but I assume it's relevant here). He bikes everywhere, to the allotment, to the pub, to see his friends etc, and is still really healthy. He's such a lovely man, he makes the best Italian biscuits in the world.

la famiglia from PJ Liguori on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


So this evening/morning I've been talking to a good friend of mine about life. We were talking about both of our lives, what we've done and how things might have been different had we done things differently. It's always really interesting to think what would be different, who has had what significance on your life. But if you had the choice to see what your life would be like had you done something differently, would you want to see? I don't think I would.

This time a year ago, I was petrified at the thought of University. There was no way that I could have gone. Now, I feel the complete opposite. I couldn't be more excited. I've jetted off to South Africa and L.A by myself, then Germany in a few weeks time. These are things that I never imagined I could do alone, yet I've done them. This makes me feel so much more confident about University.
I'm going to meet new people with the same interests as me, establish new friendships and relationships, learn new skills and teach my existing skills to other people. Not to mention the incredible opportunities to come.

The past couple months of my life have been so weird. I've never been incredibly happy one moment, to the lowest I've ever felt before so frequently. Doing things is helping me move forward. I've got a crazy amount of things planned to finish off this gap year with a bang. A few projects in the works, going to Germany to play a new Harry Potter game for EA, then something huge, but until that goes ahead, I'm not saying what it is.

I'm only 19 at this point in time and I feel so ready for the next chapter in my life.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Smirnoff Experience

I'm just writing a quick blog post about the last night of the SA trip.
We were VIP guests to the huge Smirnoff gig, which meant we got to go in first and drinks were free all night.
From what I actually remember, it was amazing. I'd never been to a gig quite as big as that before. Sitting in the VIP lounge with South African artists like the BLK JKS and Jozi was so cool, I actually felt really important haha.
Eventually I made my way down to dance with one of the other people on the trip, Michelle from Australia, and despite actually enjoying myself, there are some right morons down there. There was a really drunk polish dude who was head banging to some hip hop type music and I just heard Mark Corrigans voice in my head saying "this guy, is literally a moron". But really, I had aload of fun.
I'm just finishing putting together a montage of the whole trip, I'm going to get some footage off people from that gig as my camera died shortly after we got in. Then I'll post the video, probably on my main channel, despite being long and only sentimental to me.