Monday, 12 September 2011

I always suck at blog titles.

hey, long time no blog!

I just had an urge to write a blog post, something I think I want to start doing again. I've used this blog to spill all kinds of thoughts in the past, whether they were happy, sad or just silly. I'd rather blog on here than tumblr, seeing as I want to dedicate my tumblr to drawings anyway. I've actually deleted almost all of my old posts which was very difficult for me to do, but most were things that I didn't want people to read anymore, and I couldn't private them, so there we go.

so am I going to carry on writing about my deepest thoughts here? not really.
although I'll be offloading my honest thoughts, I don't think I want to be as open as I have been in the past.
there will be a personal feel to this blog, but I think for now we should just be friends.

on that note, I'll leave it there by saying hello to old readers and hello to new readers. I'm currently in Italy with dan, phil and chris but itching to get home. my flight is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to going back to my house of friends and being in my room with all my stuff.

ciao for now!

current mood: happy but tired


Anonymous said...


Constanza said...

Yay! I'm happy you're going to blog again :)

Welcome back, Pj.

Hatti Rex said...


Dos Gotas said...

Welcome again : )

doug said...

No one blogs any more, so it's good to have one to read again :)

Anonymous said...

dear sir mister peejypleej,
When I shut down my blogspot I just drafted everything so I wouldn't lose it, and people wouldn't see it.

Anonymous said...

I just started blogging myself. I feel it's best to write on blogspot instead of tumblr. Best of luck to your new school year!